Some Thoughts on Poor Dad Rich Dad

//Some Thoughts on Poor Dad Rich Dad

Some Thoughts on Poor Dad Rich Dad



Some Thoughts on Poor Dad Rich Dad

“I have two dads.  One of them taught me how to work for money; the other taught me how to make money work for me.”

Every day, due to fear for failing to survive, we learn skills, we work for a boss, and we use what we earned to support our life necessities and desires.  As employees, we work as hard as possible to prevent us from getting fired; as employers, they offer the lowest salary possible to prevent employees from quitting the job.  In this cycle, employees are like donkeys trying to chase the carrots in front of them.

How to break out from this cycle?

Here is what I learned from the Rich Dad:

  • The world is changing constantly, so are the rules. Therefore, we need to be constantly learning to find new opportunities to increase the values of our assets.
  • Be a risk-taker. Don’t be afraid of risk, but instead, learn to manage risk.
  • Focus on the cash flows of your investments, not the profit/loss.
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