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Consult DB has been a specialist in providing one-stop solutions services to clients need since its inception and our services range from residential and commercial interior design, decorations, sourcing, IT infrastructure and application developments any many more depending on clients’ requirements. We are a can-do and actionable carrier for social innovation and we are able to tackle the social challenges in Asia to build a sustainable future.


conceptual design
• Initial design ideas
• Construction budget
• Site investigations
• Final layouts

detailed design
• Detailed plans & 3D renderings
• Material specifications
• Independent sourcing
• Custom fabrication

• Contractors review & approval
• Ongoing budget reviews
• Ongoing quality control
• Site inspections & reports

Smart Office

• Safeguard office access and storage with facial recognition
• Boost employee/ desk ratio
• Convenient booking of rooms, desks, lockers, facilities
• State-of-the-art virtual receptionist
• Smart integration with IoT
• Intelligent data analytics

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