Overcoming Bad Meetings

//Overcoming Bad Meetings

Overcoming Bad Meetings

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Meetings are an essential part of any organization.  However, bad meetings are useless.  They are so bad that they sometimes kill the productivity in the workplace.  Whether you are working at a multinational top 500 corporation or at a local company with less than 10 people, you can do the following to overcome the bad meetings.

  1. The Purpose

Is the meeting really necessary?  Every meeting should serve a purpose.  Plan ahead and let everyone involved in the meeting know the purpose of it before hand.

  1. The Stake

Let everyone involved in the meeting know why the meeting is important.  This will make it easier to convince the participants and have them focused during the meeting.

  1. The Hook

Engage the people during the meeting can be challenging, yet if you start-off nice with an intriguing hook, the rest of the meeting will likely flow smoothly.

  1. The Time

Set aside enough time and conduct the meetings at a convenient time to avoid cutting the meeting short due to time restrictions.

  1. The Conflict

Create some drama; provoke the conflict.  This will not only excite the participants, but will also encourage people to express different opinions.  Provoking conflict is all about eliciting opposing views before agreeing on a resolution.

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